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Satisfactory Anticipated Results Achieved In Upgrading Project Of Wuxijiang River Hydropower Plant

Mar. 25, 2019

Huangtankou Hydropower Plant in Zhejiang Province is the secondary power station developed for Wuxijiang River Basin, with its upstream distance of approx. 29 km from Hunan Town Power Station, and its downstream distance of approx. 16 km from Quzhou City. It is equipped with 2 Francis Turbine units in the single capacity of 26MW. Our company now is making static balance tests for Runner in No. 6 turbine.


No. 6 turbine of this Plant has the Rated Water Head of 28m and rated output of 26.8MW. The type of runner we select for this Plant is HLGS1502-LJ-380 (original type is HL820-LJ-380). The runner finished installation by the end of Jan. 2019, and the Shaft Seal was completed in the middle of Feb. Water hosing test was performed at the end of February.

 Francis turbine

This project started in 2017, and now is about to be totally finished. After this upgrading, the capacity of this Plant has been improved significantly, the max. output of single unit reaching 30MW (only 25.5MW in the original). The units operate well in the most optimized area of rated load.

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