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Francis Turbine -The theory of operation and our example

Sep. 13, 2018

The Francis Turbine is a sort of reaction turbine, a type of turbine where the working fluid arrives to the telescope under huge pressure and the power is expressed from the turbine blades in the working liquid. A region of the power is given up from the fluid due to stress fluctuations happening in the blades of the turbine, measured by the expression degree of response, whereas the remaining portion of this energy is expressed by the volute casing of this turbine. In the departure, water behaves on the turning cup-shaped runner features, leaving low speed and low swirl with hardly any kinetic or potential energy abandoned. The telescope's departure tube is formed to help decelerate the water flow and recuperate the strain.

XiBeikou hydropower plant is located in Yichang, Hubei province, it is the third step plant set on the Huangbohe river, the branch of Changjiang river, it is equipped with 3 sets of 6300kW vertical Francis turbine generator units, the total installed capacity is 18900kW, turbine models HLA153-LJ-120, the plant operated over 20 years, runner efficiency is low and the distributor worn badly so as a poor operation stability.

The renovation started in 2014 applied by a new high efficiency runner HLGT153A-LJ-120, the output, efficiency, stability and other hydraulic performance improved after the new design.

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Francis Turbine -The theory of operation and  our example

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