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Francis Runner Replacement Example

Sep. 17, 2018

Gu Dongkou hydropower plant can be found at Xingshan county, Yichang city, Hubei province, the first manufacturing unit has been placed into commission in Sep.09, 1999, the entire output is 3×15MW, the turbine versions is HLA153-LJ-150. Since the performance, the cavitations on the rear of the runner blade is quite severe, nearly every year must execute repair grinding and welding caused annoyance to the upkeep and operation.


The runner replacement is performed at Nov. 2013 by Getai, fresh runner version is HLGT153A-LJ-150, and also the next time comparative efficiency evaluation completed successfully on Sept. 16th, 2014, the evaluation results show the efficiencies in most variety of loads increased higher than the initial one (HLA153-LJ-150), the efficacy on ranked point improved by 5 percent, the initial runner highest output signal is 15.13MW at water level over the dam EL311.00m as well as the runner maximum output signal is 16.17MW in EL310.42m (tailwater preserved ).


The blade region of HLGT153A increased substantially bigger than HLA153, the best unit rate decreased by 3 litres following upgrades to enhance the hydraulic properties and cavitations performance primarily in the high heart condition. As stated by the CFD analysis, the HLGT153A runner blade rear pressure value was considerably higher than HLA153 in order to bring a substantial improvement to the cavitations functionality.

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